Archway Defense is comprised of an ever-increasing network of professionals serving in operational FED/MIL/LEO units.  Our goal is focused on creating a paradigm shift in the way defense training is conducted. We apply the same training standards used by the worlds leading military, law enforcement, and counter terrorism units for individuals of all skill levels.  
Our courses are developed with real-world data and localized threat probabilities.  Furthermore, Archway Defense is committed to training its students to the “WHY” standard.   The “WHY” determines the logical scope, application, and purpose behind every aspect of our courses instruction.  Grounded in reality, while focused on the evolution of threats, we ensure our students receive the same caliber of training afforded to the top operational assets around the world, from Active Shooter/Active Threat to Workplace Violence Mitigation and more, we believe that,
"With Training Comes Peace of Mind"


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