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The global economy and information era has generated much opportunity along with unique security challenges.  Now more than ever executives along with their families can be tracked and targeted for ransom, retaliation, blackmail, extortion, and more.  Now is the time for executives to take charge of their personal protection.  Our training courses are a unique blend of interdisciplinary defense with hard and soft skill-sets development.    

The Archway Defense tactical training course will provide private security training for the individual seeking small course sizes and world class instructors.  This executive protection training is for the individual that don't have 24/7 security details or bodyguards.  Our team will train you to protect yourself and your family during a tense, uncertain, and rapidly evolving situation. 

Regardless if you are looking for ways to protect your family, travel security training, VIP protection training, executive security training, home protection plans, or private military training for civilians; this course will deliver.  Our instructors pull from decades of experience globally in law enforcement, military, and counter terrorism operations.  Second to none, this course is an executive level experience that you will never forget.  

Courses will be conducted across multiple days at an onsite private security training facility. Every aspect of the executive protection training experience has been planned to ensure your probability of survival increases and your time in training will be a unforgettable experience.  The concierge private security training is designed to take individuals of any skill level and expose them to tactics, techniques, along with drills used in S.W.A.T., Military, and Counter Terrorism training.  

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Our Core Curriculum:

Soft Skills Development
  • Behavioral Detection
  • Pre-Assualt Indicator Training
  • Travel Safety/Security
  • Layering Home Defense
  • Critical Medical Response






Firearm Fundamentals
  • Weapon Manipulation
  • Target Transitions 
  • Holster Work 
  • Conceal Carry Techniques






Defensive Shooting
  • Shoot - NO Shoot Drills
  • Target Area Drills 
  • Shooting From Vehicle
  • Anti-Carjacking w/Handgun
  • Force on Force  
  • Room Clearing 
  • Post Engagement Actions
  • Low Light Shooting 
  • Shoot & Move
  • Unconventional Shooting Platforms
  • Counter Edged Weapon Drills
  • Counter Armed Suspect Drills


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